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Always Available

Dear Lord,

Sometimes we forget how available you are to us and sometimes we fail to seek you first. The fact that you live inside of us, Holy Spirit, proves your willingness to always be available to us. We are not perfect and we make mistakes, but we thank you for your amazing grace. As we grow spiritually, we experience temptation and our flesh battles our spirit, but you have given us the Holy Spirit to enable us to resist and make the right choices. Even when we fall short of your glory, we thank you for your forgiveness, which strengthens us to move forward. As we go on with this wonderful day you have blessed us with, we invite you into our hearts, into our day, to walk with us, to guide us and ask that you put us into position to impact the ones we have been given the honor of being in contact with.

In your precious and holy name we pray

Thank you Lord


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