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God, What is my Assignment?

"If you challenge your fears, you can overcome them, its when you ignore them that they overcome you"

What you focus on is what gets done so let's redirect our own lives and create something new from within. How about not waiting for your life to unfold and instead, unfolding your life.

Lets consider your purpose....

What do you want?

What are your essential goals?

I want to be "Rich"....

I want to be "Rich" in.....

Wisdom, Health, Blessings, Charity (A Heart of), Adventure, Knowledge, Love, Finances, Family, Experiences and Peace (just to name a few).

"I am the only one who can stop this from happening" but thinking about my purpose, it is not all about me. I can choose things in my life such as my career, my spouse, my activities, hobbies etc. but I can not choose my purpose. My purpose was predetermined by God himself. Since my purpose was predetermined by God, my steps should be ordered by him so I ask " God show me my assignment and reveal my purpose to me"

"And I know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose" ROMANS 8:28

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